Doctors For Choice welcomes ICGP support for abortion

Doctors For Choice has  welcomed the Irish College of General Practitioners  support for abortion where there is a real and substantial risk to the life of the mother and for abortion where there are fatal foetal anomalies. 

Dr Mary Favier said ‘I  welcome the friendly amendment requesting that clarity in law for doctors was passed in respect of the first motion on real and substantial risk to the life of the mother, and particularly welcome the ICGP support for abortion where there are fatal foetal anomalies’.

2 out of 3 abortion motions were passed at the ICGP AGM in Galway this weekend.

Commenting on the successful motions that she proposed Dr Mary Favier said: ‘I’m so pleased for the Cork faculty that 2 of the 3 motions were passed. I think this sends a clear message to our patients that we actually care about women in these situations and that we are at the centre of healthcare that is required. It was refreshing to hear all the young pro-choice voices of newly qualified GPs at the AGM’.

‘I’m disappointed that the motion on rape and sexual assault was defeated by 3 votes, however I think that represents huge progress for the college’ she said.
She added  ‘but particularly important to me was the fact the motion on fatal foetal  anomalies and the provision of abortion in Ireland for women affected by that was  passed. I think this  was a really positive statement by the GPs of Ireland, that they understand the women affected in this situation, they believe that the situation they  face where they must travel to the UK for abortion is no longer appropriate and must change and this is a great day for those women who are affected by this situation’.